These books for young readers look at voting and elections

27October 2020

The words “vote” and “election” are being heard in households all over the country as we head to Election Day Tuesday. To celebrate our freedom to choose, the folks at the Red Balloon Bookshop, 891 Grand Ave., are sharing a list of worthwhile books.

“Go Vote, Baby” by Nancy R. Lambert; illustrated by Anne Passchier (HarperCollins) — In this novelty board book with 13 sliding doors, toddlers can cast their vote as they “slide-and-vote” in everyday situations like choosing striped or polka dot socks, or vanilla or chocolate ice cream at snack time.

“Sometimes People March” by Tessa Allen (HarperCollins) — Introduction to how Americans exercise their right to free speech by marching in the name of justice.

“The Campaign” by Leila Sales, illustrated by Kim Balacuit (Harry Abrams) — When art-loving seventh-grader Maddie Polansky finds out the unopposed candidate for mayor is planning to cut art funding in schools, Maddie has to convince her babysitter, Janet, to enter the race. Maddie organizes her classmates to help run Janet’s campaign and learns a lot about politics, empathy and friendship.

“The Voting Booth” by Brandy Colbert (Disney Books) — From Stonewall Award-winning author Colbert coms an all-in-one-day love story between Marva, who’s been waiting her whole life to vote in her first election, and Duke, who just found out at the polls he isn’t registered. Proof you can’t sit around waiting for the world to change.

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